KILL BUTTERFLY KILL - retail edition


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Years after being assaulted, a young woman (Juliet Chan) seeks bloody revenge on the five men responsible. She is aided by a retired hitman sympathetic to her plight (“Tattooer Ma” Sha) and a group of like-minded girlfriends. One by one, each of the creeps are caught in a trap and done away with, but her final quarry has a few tricks up his sleeve, leading to a violent climactic confrontation.

KILL BUTTERFLY KILL (aka UNDERGROUND WIFE) is a prime example of the so-called ‘Black Movie’, an exploitation sub-genre popular during the early 1980s in Taiwan. Though cheaply made, these were stylish and potent action films with often socially conscious aims and two feet planted firmly in the gutter.

Presented here in a new 4K restoration from the best surviving elements is the export English language cut of the film prepared by the notorious IFD Films. This slightly better cut differs from the original Mandarin language version known as UNDERGROUND WIFE, which is also presented here in a 4:3 ‘fullscreen’ SD print. Finally, this set also features the absolutely gonzo 1987 cut of the film, AMERICAN COMMANDO 6: KILL BUTTERFLY KILL, which features new scenes starring IFD regulars Mike Abbot and Mark Miller, from a 4K scan of the OCN. All of these various versions of this unique film are here making their official US home video and worldwide Blu-ray premieres.

(Please note: The best surviving elements were used for these restorations and some scenes are not ideal. We hope that doesn’t hurt your enjoyment of these films)

Disc 1 - Blu-ray

Kill Butterfly Kill (Original IFD edit)

4K restoration from the negative / 1080p presentation

English audio

Optional English SDH subtitles

Audio commentary by Kenneth Brorsson and Paul Fox of the Podcast on Fire Network

“Underground Wife” cut (SD)

Kill Butterfly Kill trailer (HD)

1983 / 2.40:1 / 87 min. / All Region

Disc 2 - Blu-ray

American Commando 6: Kill Butterfly Kill (Alternate cut)

4K restoration from the negative / 1080p presentation

English audio

Optional English SDH subtitles

American Commando 6: Kill Butterfly Kill trailer (HD)

IFD trailer comp (SD)

1987 / 2.40:1 / 90 min. / All Region