LOVE BRIDES OF THE BLOOD MUMMY a.k.a. El secreto de la momia egipcia
Directed by Ken Ruder
France/Spain 1973
93 minutes
I.66:1 aspect ratio

In ancient Egypt, the son of a high priest is sentenced to death for the murder and mutilation of young women. His father uses his influence to have his son placed in a cataleptic state and sealed intact in a grand sarcophagus. Thousands of years later, in a castle in remote 19th century Cornwall, Lord Dartmoor, an eccentric practitioner of the Black Arts, opens the sarcophagus and brings the body back to life through the power of electricity.

The Egyptian needs fresh blood to survive and using powerful telepathic abilities he enslaves Dartmoor’s servant, John, and forces him to kidnap young women and bring them back to the castle where they will be drained of blood by the monster. Lord Dartmoor is locked in a cage in the castle’s dungeon and becomes a powerless witness to the ensuing scenes of horror.

One day, Dartmoor’s daughter Lucille arrives back at the castle, bringing with her a school friend. The two women soon fall victim to the lusts of the undead Egyptian. It seems that the horror will never end. But Dartmoor is determined to save his only child…

Available for the first time on home video anywhere in the world, comes the complete and uncut version of this legendary rarity from 1973. The film contains extended scenes of sex and violence that are among the most intense and shocking of any film from this period.

Region Free
Brand new digitally restored 4K scan of the film negative
Choice of English or French audio with optional English subtitles
Choice of two different cuts of the film
Brand new audio commentary by David Flint
Super 8mm cutdown version
Alternate scenes
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