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Surely one of the weirdest “sex comedies” ever, the story concerns Danielle (’Dany to my friends’), a freelance fashion model in early 1970s France, played here by Sandra Julien of SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES fame. She wants to buy a car and so is saving the travel portion of her fee for that purpose. To get from gig to gig she hitchhikes. This puts her into numerous dangerous and bizarre situations, including being picked up by a hearse driver who wants to have sex with her UNDERNEATH his hearse, as there’s a corpse in the back; an escaped loony who mistakes sheep for women; a horny Italian countess who’s looking for some kinky sex and flagellation; a hippy who sings rather than talks (and has a big surprise in store for Dany); a crucifix-obsessed butterfly collector; a Byzantine prince in a Rolls Royce; and more...

Director Willy Rozier (1901-1983) was a pioneer of independent productions in his native France. He worked in many of the popular film genres - action, crime, comedy, thrillers and was an Olympic swimming champion as well as one of the developers of underwater filming equipment. He was perhaps most famous for the number of iconic female stars he discovered, which included Brigitte Bardot and French favorite Françoise Arnoul.


Based on a well known Greek novel, director Willy Rozier’s Les chiens dans la nuit (Dogs in the Night) was distributed in the USA as THE GIRL CAN’T STOP! and in Germany as Die Sadisten (The Sadists). It’s a gripping and often shocking story of how low some men will stoop to get what they want, and how they use and abuse the women in their lives to get it.

Manuel (played by Georges Rivière) is a struggling businessman about to go under. He loses his last cash in the casino. His sleazy and violent accomplice, Manolis, persuades Manuel that one way to save his ailing business would be to persuade his wife - the beautiful Tassoula - to sleep with banker Giorgian Kaledis and use her influence to borrow money from his bank. Although she initially rejects her husband’s plan, Tassoula falls in love with Giorgian and sees him as a possible escape from her loveless marriage. However, she is in for a shock when she discovers that the innocent looking Giorgian is in fact a sexual pervert, who likes to listen while his bald, one-eyed servant Kior Ali tortures women.

The Girl Can’t Stop is graced with a strong cast of European genre film stalwarts at the top of their game, including Greek “blonde bombshell” Zeta Apostolou and the stunningly beautiful Maria Xenia. The film is gripping entertainment right up to its bleak and cynical ending.

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Interview with director’s daughter Catherine Rozier
Featurette - Dany and the Censors
Christophe Bier reads Willy Rozier
Trailer for DANY

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