SPECIAL SILENCERS - retail edition



Special Silencers is a legendary entry into the Indonesian “cult film” cannon. Chock full of crazy martial arts, unbelievably yucky special effects, a touch of black magic – and even torture by smelly shoes. This one has got it all.

The film was never, to our knowledge, released theatrically outside Indonesia and the only English friendly version was an old VHS released in the Netherlands in the 1980s, cropped to 4:3 from its original scope aspect ratio and with on-screen Dutch subtitles. That VHS generated a huge buzz in film collecting circles once its content became known. This was a period when much crazy Asian cinema was circulating, but Special Silencers was always given pride of place, alongside obscurities like Witch with Flying Head.

The plot is simplicity itself. A corrupt politician in rural Indonesia wants to impose himself as the boss of the local territory. To do this he has to eliminate the competition. To do that he uses his “special silencers” - small red pills apparently intended to enhance meditative states. But when taken with food or drink they erupt inside the victim’s stomach and emerge through the flesh like ragged, blood covered tree branches. It literally has to be seen to be believed.

But that’s not all… the film features the dynamic duo (soon to be husband and wife) of Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima. Big stars in Indonesia at the time and both skilled martial artists. Seeing Eva kick bad-guy ass is a joy to behind. She, along with Barry, was one of the jewels in the crown of Indonesian exploitation cinema and Special Silencers has lots of her.

This is the first ever release of the film in its intended aspect ratio and it’s a revelation, with widescreen, jaw dropping real-time action and stunt work. Director Arizal was famed for his high energy set pieces in films such as The Stabilizer and Final Score. Here he outdoes himself.

Not to be missed.

Region Free
HD restored feature supplied by Parkit Films
Extended version of film with a few SD inserts
Indonesian audio with optional Eng subs; English dub
Mondo Macabro episode on Indonesian cinema
Audio commentary by Andrew Leavold