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The film opens with a gang of Asian biker babes in leather hot pants attacking a casino. The gang is led by two girls - Enny and Yenny, who appear to have a score to settle with the casino's sleazy owner. Unfortunately The girls are defeated and end up in a women's prison camp where they fall victim to the camp's vicious lesbian wardress. We discover that both camp and casino are controlled by the notorious Mr Tiger. Via a flashback we discover that Mr Tiger killed Enny and Yenny's parents and stole their land to build both the prison and a secret laboratory where he plans to manufacture a new aphrodisiac drug that will turn all women into helpless sex slaves. The girls plan their escape from the camp and their ultimate revenge on Mr Tiger.

Comes with a 2nd bonus disc containing 70 minutes of trailers from the studio that brought us VIRGINS FROM HELL - Rapi Studios (this disc is worth the price alone!!)

NTSC Region
2 Disc SE
Anamorphic Widescreen
Extensive background notes
History of women in prison films
Destination: Jakarta. 70 minutes of trailers from Rapi films, the studio behind Virgins From hell
Trailers include Mystics in Bali, The Warrior and many, many more
Indonesian exploitation - a special documentary on the history of Indonesian action, sex and horror movies